Bengal Queens of Asaalah

Asaalah Bint Mia

(Rasui Sultan of Asaalah x Gateway Mia of Asaalah)

This is a stunning girl. These photo's were taken when she was just 5 months old. She is out of our gorgeous girl Mia, and represents her mother quite well. She is now in our breeding program and we are very excited to see what she will be producing. She is a littermate to Marble Mia, below.

Asaalah Marble Mia

(Rasui Sultan of Asaalah x Gateway Mia of Asaalah)


This lovely marble is also out of our wonderful Mia. These photo's are of when she was 5 months old. Marble Mia is just what we are looking for in a marble. She is very rich colored, has a horizontal flow to her pattern without a hint of a bullseye, she has the third color developing nicely inside her dark pattern, she has excellent contrast and she also has excellent type. She should produce some outstanding kittens, which I am sure you will be meeting at the show rings in the future. UPDATE: Marble Mia has a stunning little girl....see on the available kittens page.

Rasui Isis of Asaalah

(Gogees Sadji x Rasui Sabola)

Photo's coming...

Here is another gorgeous girl. Really nice rosetting, highly glittered, excellent type and a sugar sweet personality. We have high hopes for the kittens she will be producing.


Asaalah Bint Bint Jamilla

(Asaalah Matrix x Asaalah Bint Jamilla)

I just can't say enough about this little girl. She looks more like and F2 than an F7. BBJ has a winning personality and is just a joy to watch. She produced her first litter, and we couldn't be happier. Her kittens have incredible type. Can't wait to see what she produces in the future (probably my next show kitten :).


Asaalah Gia

(Timbavatti Orion of Asaalah x Medoz Reeces Pieces)


This girl has produced some of our best kittens. She is a littermate to our wonderful Mia, Kia, Gemma, and one of our main studs, Jamil....all outstanding producers, not only in pattern and color but exceptional type and temperament as well.

Asaalah Bint Jamilla

(Gateway Jamil of Asaalah x Stonehenge Jamilla of Asaalah)

Photo's coming....

This is the mother of our beautiful Bint Bint Jamilla, and two awesome boys, one of which we have held back as a stud (Asaalah Matrix). She is type, type, type. She is also as sweet as can be. We really need a new boy that is good enough for her. Almost all our boys are too closely related. We will try her with Illuminati next......we know the kittens will have extreme type.

Please enjoy our website, browse through the photos, and if you have any questions, feel free to call or e-mail me. Cindy Cartwright at (417-932-4460) or bengals @ asaalah . com (remember to take out the spaces).

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