Available Bengal Kittens


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Bengal kittens available, here are the parents:

Noahspride Illuminati of Asaalah x Asaalah Bint Bint Jamilla



Born December 12, 2012 . Three absolutely beautiful Bengal kittens. There is one brown spotted boy, one brown spotted girl and one brown marble girl.

These kittens all have good patterns, with light gold background color and black/brown markings. They have whited tummies, short tails, and a hint of ocilli on their beautifully shaped small ears. They all have wonderfully typy heads.

They are ready to go now. They are available starting at $500 each, as pets only or starting at $1,200 as breeders (to approved programs only)

Below are the kittens at 11 wks. These pictures were taken at sundown so their colors are kind of greyed out. They were also still in their fuzzy stage, so patterns are not as clear as they are now and will be even clearer soon:

1st two photo's are the marble girl, her pattern is really starting to open up with her third color inside the dark hershey brown pattern. She has excellent type and could be a show prospect.


Below is the brown spotted/rosetted girl. These do not show her off very well. Still in her fuzzies, and these photo's were taken at dusk. Her pattern is already clearer than this. She has excellent type and a whited tummy. The tip of her tail was nipped off at birth...so shorter than it should be.

Below is the boy (along with the spotted girl in the 2nd frame). He is a nice size boy with very crisp markings. He is still in his fuzzies in these photo's and already is starting to clear nicely with rosetting starting.

If interested in one of these babies please email (cindy @ asaalah . com) you will need to take out the spaces,

or call 417-932-4460.

Noahspride Illuminati of Asaalah x Asaalah Marble Mia


Born on February 24, 2012. One absolutely gorgeous Bengal girl. She is only 3 1/2 weeks old and is already very rosetted. This girl has no rib bars, and not a hint of a bullseye pattern. Both parents are richly colored so she will be too. While it is too early to tell type, with these parents it is almost a given. She is available, at this time, for $1,000 as a pet, $2,000 as a breeder/show prospect (approved breeding home only) but will continue to be evaluated.

Below are photo's at 3 1/2 weeks.

Please enjoy our website, browse through the photos, and if you have any questions, feel free to call or e-mail me. Cindy Cartwright at (417-932-4460) or bengals @ asaalah . com (remember to take out the spaces).


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