Savannah Queens of Asala


Asala Genesis (F1)

(Adisah (African Serval) x Exotic Dream of Sunshine Dynasty)



This is our love, our Genny. One of only four F1's we made. She is a delight in every way. She is sweet and playful, and gentle, and funny...and while it took a long time coming...she is a great momma.

click here: More photos of Genny

Asala Imagination (F2A)

(Thekarakashkats Raven of Asala x Asala Genesis)


This was the first (and we feared only) kitten that our wonderful Genny had

Zulu Zooba of Asala (F2A)

( x )


Zulu Yoshia of Asala (F2A)

( x )

Zulu Zingo of Asala (F2A)

( x )


Sadies Shaleese of Asala (F2B)

( x )


Zulu Vannah of Asala (F4A)

(Thekarakashkats Raven of Asala x Zulu Lulu)


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